Drowing is the most common accidental death reason of 1-4 olds.

Buddy can change that.

“Buddy, the Life-collar” offers a chance to save your child’s life in case of accidental drowning. It is a unique and innovative device made using high technologies and newest materials. The tiny collar turns into several separate air-pillows which bring a kid to the surface in case of accidental drowning and keeps him/her floating above the water with the head optimally uplift unit further rescue.

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Functioning of the device

The collar is made of the latest high-tech materials. In case of accident, sensors react to pre-set criteria and activate the air-pillows (much slower than in case of car accidents in order not to cause fractions, but timely enough for the kid not take in fatal amount of water). Inner string of the collar protects the kid from suffocating. Ergonomic positioning of the air-pillows allows for stable position of the head and free breathing above the water.