The bandage has been designed to cure large-surface wounds after burns, bed sores or other accidents which resulted in a loss of a significant skin surface area or in an aggravated healing process due to environmental exposure of deeper tissues and infection hazard.

Our smart bandage (its technology) is patented. The product has a unique structure based on a HONEYCOMB principle. The honeycomb structure ensures an exceptionally small contact surface area of the bandage and special vesicles (honeycomb cells) withing

Key features of the bandage:

  1. A unique bandage structure prevents any adhesion to the wounds as only 10% of the bandage surface is in direct contact with the wound, while the remainder contact surface is a gelatine-type gel saturated with silver ions.
  2. The bandage has cells that could be filled with gel or medicinal substance. Its entire structure is similar to a honeycomb, where cells may be filled with any medicinal substance,making the bandage suitable to be used as a medication dispenser. Medication stays in the required location with a minimum degree of dislocation. Medication or other substance does not leak, is not in contact with air, and does not wash out after contact with a wounded area. The honeycomb structure ensures a long-term and stable effect of medication and other healing properties.
  3. The bandage has a relief-typelayer stabilising nanoparticles with anti-bacterial effect which releases more silver ions due to a larger active surface area. In this way silver input is decreased significantly. Silver ions are released into a liquid gel mass from a stabilised special layer of nanoparticles, which prevents nanoparticles from getting into the wound. Silver ions are continuously moving towards the wound surface. Even if part of the gel is removed and empty cells of the structure are filled with exudate, the exudate is gradually saturated with silver ions and becomes anti-bacterial, thus making any inflammation underneath the bandage highly unlikely. By accumulating in cells (within the honeycomb structure), silver ions affect microorganisms faster and are transmitted throughout the entire wound. Tests yielded a 50% higher efficiency of the bandage in eradication of microorganisms(golden staphylococcus).
  4. The bandage has built-in indicators and the possibility to adapt any indication system. The bandage has chemical indicators recording minor Ph changes that may help identify an infection from its onset. Moreover, we are planning to integrate indicators which could recognise specific microorganisms.
  5. It is possible to integrate a technology for medicinal substance transfer.
  6. Due to the semi-transparent feature of the bandage it is possible to assess the healing progress without removing the bandage. The bandage may be kept unremoved for 3 and more days, depending on the type of wound and other circumstances.
  7. It offers the possibility of wound drainage.
  8. It may be made fully biodegradable.